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During the early 1990's, Paul delivered Foot Health Promotion Programmes to GP Fundholder practices in the South East London area - Catford, Peckham, Sydenham - through contacts with Guy's Hospital Footcare Centre.

He has had a life long committment to the NHS in his personal and professional life. Within the NHS, he had experience within Podiatry Services as a Clinician, Specialist Clinician and Manager of Acute, Mental Health, Learning Disability and Community Podiatry Services.

Since the mid 1990's, as an independent private practitioner in Cheshire, he has always worked with the local Healthcare Trust's Podiatry Service and referred on - when cases have consulted his practice and not been in a position to accept the course of treatment proposed and required due to their circumstances. These cases have covered a wide range of foot health needs, for example: nail surgery; and diabetic ulcer care, where there is a regular on going need for frequent dressings etc..

He has always had working understanding of the role of GPs in the care of his caseload; often, referring cases who have specific needs such as Specialist Diabetic / Orthopaedic Footwear input via Orthotists Service, as part of their care package. Rarely, we request courses of antibiotics for foot infection in at risk cases. More often, where there is an indication that the patient may benefit from a course of systemic antifungals for skin and nail infections that are putting the feet and legs at risk of cellulitis etc., we may request a script, subject to the usual LFTs, and mycology.

Paul also brings a wealth of experience from his role as a professional head of service managing a team of 28 staff.


Paul has always used CPD as part of his personal development. He has been involved in the organisation of, and regularly attended multidisciplinary and profession specific CPD Courses and conferences; in addition, he uses a mix of definatiive text books, journal and web based CPD. Over the years this has included:

Diabetic Foot Module (Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists0

Dermatology (Podiatric Dermatology Group)

Rheumatology (Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists)

Biomechanics (University of Staffordshire)

Skin and nail surgery training was carried out in South Wales where he helped establish and run a Podiatric Surgery Unit.

In his private life, he has been involved with the Society of Friends for nearly 30 years, and attends workshops for personal development at Woodbrooke, University of Birmingham, including pastoral and spiritual well being.

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