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Range of services

Well being and quality of life in disease - optimising foot health to sustain limb integrity, mobility, self monitoring and independence

We can deliver a range of Podiatry and foot health packages using established protocols within our practice or at your premises to individual patients or specific cohorts with new or established diagnoses:

  • Diabetic Foot Health Assessment - A simple sixteen point check that can be tailored to the needs of cohorts of patients with diabetes or a detailed lower limb assessment to establish baseline parameters and monitor in the longer term.
  • Diabetic Foot Health Awareness - Using an interactive approach with patients with diabetes on a one to one basis - at foot health assessment or in small groups - aiming to promote self monitoring and management.
  • Diabetic Foot Health Treatments - Foot ulcer care, stable and at risk foot monitoring / advice / treatment, identifying cases that require or benefit from specialist footwear services and / or diabetic insoles / orthoses. Working with family / carers - to maintain health of the diabetic foot.
  • Neuropathic Foot Assessment - where sensory, motor, or autonomic system issues may pose a risk to the lower limb and / or be a factor in quality of life.
  • Vascular Foot Assessment - where cardiac insufficiency, other diseases or peripheral arterial disease, venous insufficiency, lymphoedema may put the feet and legs at risk.
  • Rheumatology Foot Assessment - Based on the 'North West Clinical Effectiveness Group for the Foot in Rheumatic Diseases Guidelines' to minimise the effects of rheumatoid disease within the foot and lower limb and to maintain mobility.
  • Dermatology and Podiatric care - Supporting diagnosis and treatment of effects of dermatological conditions within the feet and hands, managing affected nails, skin, and tissues. Specimen collection for mycology / pathology. Advising patient and family / carers.
  • Immuno-supressed or systemic medication case assessment & Podiatric care - supporting the foot health of cases where effects of medication and / or the medical condition being treated, affect the tissue quality and may impact on healing ability within the lower limb.
  • Nail Surgery Assessment and procedures - uni- / bi- lateral or total nail avulsion (where indicated) using local anagesia. Firstly, using experience to minimise number of cases needing surgical procedures by establishing underlying cause and adressing issues to resolution - this approach is useful in the at risk patient. Experience of carrying out procedures over period of thirty years with an outcome measure of regrowth of nail spikes of less than 0.05%.
  • Musculo-skeletal Foot and Lower Limb Assessment (Biomechanic Assessment) - For pain and / or loss of function within the foot and leg that is or may be due to soft tissue, past bony injury, or postural malignment. Using three levels of assessment depending on the nature and complexity of the injury, symptoms and other factors - to establish the uderlying cause/s of the presenting symptoms. This is followed by a rehabilitaion programme.
  • Paediatric / Child developmental / Gait assessment - where professionals or family are concerned about the gait or stance of a child - an assessment can reassure or flag up an opportunity for early intervention to assist the developing foot and minimise longer term issues using orthoses and exercise programmes etc.
  • Musculo-skeletal foot and lower limb rehabilitaion programme - Following biomechanic assessment, a course of treatment using a wide range of modalities is used, which may include orthoses, medication, physical therapy. Training programmes are instigated, reviewed, and modified. The aim being to reduce / resolve symptoms and optimise functionality where possible.
  • Falls Prevention Programme - A simple assessment can identify cases at risk of tripping / falling from a targetted cohort, or from a wider group of patients. These cases may benefit from a programme of information, advice, physical therapy, and minor modifications to their way of living - helping reduce the incidence and consequences of falls.
  • The practice uses a wide range of well established, research based and new treatment protocols - with good effect and outcomes.
    Some of the systems used have been a part of main stream podiatric practice over many decades. These modalities are frequently combined for greater effect and benefit.

    The treatment regimes we use may include combinations of, or, a single, topical medicament/s; that will have a local effect on the presenting symptom/s or lesion/s. Often this mix of traditional treatment, pharmaceuticals and modern medicaments / treatments may enhance the clinical outcomes to good effect:

  • Infected wounds resolved without resorting to systemic antibiotics
  • Inflammation quickly reduced
  • Integrity of epidermis / dermis - re-established
  • Injury to soft tissue - modified healing times
  • Fungal infection of skin and nail resolved or greatly reduced and managed well by patient.
  • We use an holistic approach to patient treatment and management; which with the face to face contact time, during appointments, has often contributed to a good patient experience and successful clinical outcomes.

    We assure you of our commitment to provide you with an ethical, efficient, thorough, professional quality, medical standard, comprehensive Podiatric Foot Health Service responsive to the needs of you and your practice.

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