Achilles Foot Health Centre
HCPC Registered
The Socirty of Chiropodists & Podiatrists

Surgery Visits

Appointments at the surgery are available Monday to Friday - daytime and evening.

As we are a busy practice, sometimes we are only able to offer a consultation on the day of your enquiry, if somebody has re-arranged their appointment; or, more usually within five working days. Just call and ask us, and if we can help we will.

To book an appointment with Paul de Haas - call 01606 49641

To book an appointment with Jenifer Morton - call 01606 79269

When you call us make sure you have phone / diary / calender to note down details of your appointment.

Evening weekday appointments, currently, are available for any clients who wish to attend outside daytime working hours due to their committments. This keeps the weekend free for you and us to cover our other responsibilities or enjoy our leisure time.

We offer a 24/7 answer and message service for advice, enquiries, and appointments. Just call our usual phone numbers and we will answer your queries. If we are unable to answer, leave a message with your phone number. We will respond to any messages left, as soon as possible.

As part of our professional requirement to keep upto date by studying and attending courses, we may not always be able to offer you your first appointment choice.

Home Visits

We are mainly a clinic based service, as the equipment and range of resources we have at hand, on our premises, can be used to safely treat our clients and protect us from postural injury, which is a risk when not using our couches, special seating, lights etc..

We have flat access to the rear of the property for buggies, wheelchairs, and clients with mobility problems.

When a home visit is necessary we will bring with us a range of medicaments, dressings, and instruments. This ensures that we do not compromise on the minimum standards of quality of care we would provide if you had visited our premises. However, there are limits to the type of treatments that we can offer as home visits.

Due to the extra time dedicated to return travel from our premises to the home where the treatment is to be carried out, we charge a supplement to cover some of the cost of a clinic treatment that we are unable to do (whilst travelling from / to surgery) and to cover our motor running costs that normally are borne by the client when they visit the surgery using their own or a friends car, or a taxi, or bus.

We assure you of our commitment to provide you with an ethical, efficient, thorough, professional quality, medical standard, comprehensive Foot Health Service responsive to the needs of you and your family.

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