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Biomechanics / Musculo-skeletal Assessment / Gait Analysis

The foot or feet may affect the way you walk, or the way you walk may affect the foot

You may have witnessed a change in the way your child, or teenager walks or runs, or mum, dad or grandparent walks.
You may first contact us about loss of function, changes in the gait, or developing pain in the foot or leg which may be due to injury, or seem to have no explanation to you.

After the simple and obvious causes have been eliminated, these concerns can be checked out with a biomechanic assessment and can be helped with footwear, inserts, orthotics and / or exercises. It may be caused by an inherited body form and structure, past bony injury, postural alignment issues, soft tissue injury, or a foriegn body in the foot etc.. A biomechanic assessment can be used to find out the cause and underlying reason for the changes you are aware of, which may be based in the foot, leg, hip, or back. The timing and pattern of movement of the bones, joints, tendons or ligaments may all be affected putting a strain on the whole system.

The type of assessment will vary. When taking a history from you, there may be a very obvious explanation and simple remedy, or it may be more complex and require a more detailed assessment. We use three levels of assessment to understand what is happening in the body and will then be able to discuss how we can work in partnership to deal with the issues raised.

After the likely cause is identified and explained to you, we will propose and discuss a course of rehabilitation and treatment. This may be started on your first visit. There may be several aspects to your rehab programme - podiatric therapy treatments - a targetted stretching, mobilising and toning exercise programme, advice and maybe shoe inserts or orthotics. Often, the first phase of the treatment programme will happen after assessment, before you leave your consultation. We always review each case after assessment and feedback any long term plan on your follow up visit.

Gait Analysis & Biomechanics - What are they?

Gait analysis is a way of looking at how the body moves and the likely consequences on the whole of the musculo-skeletal system including the feet and legs. It uses the principles of biomechanic assessment which is the measuring, analysis and interpretation of the motion of your musculo-skeletal system. This is unique to each of our bodies and can have effects on many aspects of our lives - affecting health, mobility, well being and independence.

They can be applied with benefit in any activity including country walking, hill walking, mountaineering, jogging. running, gym work, cycling, horse riding, any track or field sport, playing an instrument, etc..

They can be used as tools to improve performance, reduce fatigue, reduce injury risk, improve posture, improve overall health, reduce wear and tear on the joints and soft tissues surrounding them.

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