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Our value for money inclusive fees, reflect the high quality of care, successful treatments and improvement to your foot health concerns, we achieve at Achilles Foot Health Centre.

Our inclusive fees include a general health, foot and leg examination which we are professionally required to do. We will agree what you would like us to focus on in particular. This standard is used for each patient, whether it be yourself , your child, family member or the person you care for. This usually takes 5 to 10 minutes.

We will carrying out the treatment plan. We offer advice tailored to your foot health needs and lifestyle - often backed up by notes.

The fees structure ensures that the costs of running a professional foot health service are fully covered, standards are maintained and practice development can occur in the short, medium and long term. After all costs of running the service have been covered, tax and VAT paid, we aim to receive a reasonable income and be able to contribute to a pension / retirement scheme where required.

Each year Paul supports various charities including: Childrens Hospice (Hope House), Sense (for Multisensory Impaired people with hearing and visual impairment), Mencap (for people with learning disabilities) donating money and his time.

At first visit we can confirm the cost of the consultation and / or course of treatment.

We are happy to provide reciepts to claim back fees through Medical Cash Plans such as WPA, Health Shield, Simply Health, AXA Cash Plan etc..

To book an appointment call us on 01606 49641 - 24/7 Answer and message service - if we do not answer - leave a message and we will call you back.

Consultation Fees

The fees shown are a guide to costs for some types of consultations frequently carried out - the actual costs may be less or more depending on what has been agreed, and if, for example, we supply tubes of medicaments, bespoke silicone moulds, orthotics etc..

Fees marked # are subsequent to you initial surgery visit / consultation

Initial Surgery visit / subsequent podiatry consultations & treatment
On your first visit we will identify and start to treat the areas of concern and advise on relevant foot conditions. If necessary, your care will continue at follow on visits where progress and the condition of your feet will be monitored and further treatment carried out as required. This may include painful areas on the feet, Podiatric Dermatology and other skin and nail conditions. Fees from £40 to £95

#Professional Healthy Nail & Footcare - Medical Standard Pedicure - Sterile Instrument Service
We will cut thin healthy nails where needed or if there is a reduced ability to care for them. We will file the nails, clear the sides and smooth the corners, applying medicaments before and after to minimise infection. We will check the feet generally and identify and treat any pain free minor problems with the feet - nip them in the bud - to keep the feet comfortable. Often, there may be pain free areas of callous / hard skin that may benefit from attention. Fees from £38 to £55

#Verrucae Treatments
When verrucae have been diagnosed by ourselves, we will use a combination of treatments at the surgery. At follow up visits, we will monitor progress to check that they are fading. Return visits may range from weekly to every 2 to 3 months as they fade. Each individual verruca needs to be treated, so charges are for single to multiple verrucae sites. Fees from £28 to £45+

Musculo-skeletal / Biomechanic Assessment
We will use the assessment to find out the extent, cause and underlying reason for the pain, injury, loss of function in the leg and / or foot. There are three levels of assessment you may benefit from, which one you will need will vary. From history taking, there may be a very obvious cause and simple remedy, or it may be a more complex case and require the more detailed 33 point, or rarely a comprehensive 48 point assessment. Often, the first phase of treatment will happen before you leave the surgery. We always review your case after your visit and feedback the longer term plan at the first review appointment. Fees for initial assessment from £60 to £175. Review visits from £40 to £75.

#Musculo-skeletal Foot and Lower Limb Rehabilitation Programme
After the biomechanic assessment, a wide range of treatment programmes are used which may include orthoses, medication, podiatric therapy. Training programmes will be started, reviewed and modified. The rehab programme may be carried out at the surgery, at home or can be carried out at your gym - more usually a combination of these settings. The aim being to reduce / resolve symptoms, optimise function, getting back to usual levels of activity and prevent the problem happening again, wherever possible. Fees from £30 for therapy. Insoles / orthotics from £15 to £150

#Falls Prevention Programme
Where there is concern, a simple assessment of a family member or friend can identify causes and risks of tripping and falling in their home, garden, or out and about in town & country. They can benefit from a programme of information, advice, physical therapy, and minor modifications to their way of living, which may help reduce the number and consequences of falls. Fees from £45 to £65

To book an appointment - call us on 01606 49641 - 24/7 answer & message service

Medical Assessments and Treatments
When the body systems start to change because of age, deteriating health, disease or trauma - we are often able to help using assessments, treatment including skilled scalpel and instrument work, shoe inserts, orthoses and targetted advice. For more information, please look at the Medical Effects page.

#Nail Surgery Assessment and Procedures

We assess the likely cause and if we can, we will aim to resolve the painful toenail without resorting to surgery. However, if the toe does not respond, we will carry out a procedure using local analgesia to numb off the toe. After initial assessment, our fees for nail surgery include the procedure and follow up checks and redressing visits, on the toe that was operated on. Fees from £250 for a package of care.

We work with a range of systems of safety to protect you - which are rarely needed.

We are happy to provide reciepts to claim back fees through Medical Cash Plans such as WPA, Health Shield, Simply Health AXA Cash Plan etc.

What is included in the fees charged?

The legal safe disposal of used instruments and sharps, and clinical waste is an important part of the work of the Practice, which is one of the many costs areas where we spend your fee.

The inclusive fees charged cover the costs of running the practice:-

As our fees are inclusive of basic costs of running the practice - where we have agreed to multiple aspects to your treatment plan at a visit - you will be charged at reduced combined fee. Rest assured - we do not charge for each toenail, lesion or piece of advice!!!

The following are charged separately: Local analgesia, electrocautery, surgery, nail & foot care products / medicaments /creams, sprays, paints etc. Silicones, moulds, heel pads, orthotics, insoles, shoe adaptions etc..

The fees vary between podiatrists / clinicians at Achilles Foot Health Centre depending on the scope, type, and nature of the consultation and treatment.

Consultation fees are due at the time of treatment. We accept cash, cheques and debit cards. There may be a charge for certain credit cards.

To book an appointment - call us on 01606 49641 - 24/7 answer & message service

We may ask for a deposit to secure an appointment slot in the diary.

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