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Multi-disciplinary approach to optimise foot and leg health in people with diabetes

Paul de Haas studied the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists Diabetic Foot Module (DFM), which gives the podiatrist with specialist interest in diabetes, a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the effects of diabetes on the foot and lower limb. He has since attended Diabetes Conferences and study days to update his knowledge.

He worked in Hospital diabetic foot clinics in South Wales and South East and has treated many people with diabetes within private practice over a period of 30 years.

We offer a range of Podiatric Care packages for people with Diabetes:

  • DIABETIC FOOT HEALTH ASSESSMENT - A simple sixteen point checklist or a detailed lower limb assessment to establish the status of the feet at assessment and to monitor improvement or change in the long term.
  • DIABETIC FOOT HEALTH AWARENESS - This is aimed at patients diagnosed with diabetes, usually discussed on a one to one basis at the foot health assesment or can be used to small groups of newly diagnosed patients or established cases - aiming to promote self monitoring and management.
  • DIABETIC FOOT HEALTH TREATMENT - For people with diabetes with stable or at risk feet combining monitoring, advice and treatment. Identifying cases that require specialist footwear services and / or diabetic insoles / orthoses. In cases where it is appropriate we work with the family / carers. Short term care of minor superficial wounds and foot ulcers to healing and resolution. All with the aim of maintaining the integrity of the feet of the person with diabetes for mobility and independence.
  • NEUROPATHIC FOOT ASSESSMENT - For people with a newly or established diagnosis of diabetes. There may be sensory, motor, or autonomic system issues which may pose a risk to the lower limbs and feet.
  • We test the range of normal sensations that we should all feel

  • VASCULAR FOOT ASSESSMENT - For people with a newly or established diagnosis of diabetes where cardiac disease, other diseases or Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), poor venous flow, lymphoedema may be a factor in maintaining limb integrity, mobility and independence.

  • The range of podiatric care packages for people with diabetes aims to provide a comprehensive service at Achilles Foot Health Centre, with access to a wider range of services, on a when required basis.

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