Achilles Foot Health Centre
HCPC Registered
The Socirty of Chiropodists & Podiatrists


At Achilles Foot Health Centre, Paul has constantly invested in and updated the clinical equipment and facilities, systems and support services to maintain a modern, comfortable, safe, clinical environment in our consulting facilities.

Our patients appreciate the level of hygiene used with the surgery equipment between each client, to protect everyone from cross infection.

We use an ultrasonic instrument bath to clean our instruments thoroughly after each use on a patient. The bath is regularly tested. Dirty instrument cleaning is carried out in a separate area to the consulting rooms.

We use a vacuum autoclave to sterilise the cleaned instruments. The system we use is tested for effectiveness with each use, and regularly serviced. The sterilised tools are kept in a clean cupboard.

We stock and use a wide range of medicaments, dressings and materials to help achieve a good outcome from your visit and at home afterwards.

We stock a good range of shoe inserts and orthotic types which can be combined with different types of materials to customise shells to suit your needs.

Paul has always developed a reflective and continuing professional development approach to his clinical work, using a wide range of research material, journals, definitive textbooks and sources for up to date patient care.

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