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As a well established podiatric practice, we are working towards Any Qualified Provider (AQP) ready status. Achilles Foot Health Centre has had a presence, locally, for nearly 20 years, since the early 1990's.

We have a fee structure that reflects the quality of practice we deliver to our clients - ensuring a sustainable service for the medium to long term. The practice's business is backed by insurances for the usual risks.

We have a majority of the infrastructure in place to reflect the requirements of AQP status and Statutory Compliance Requirements.

Within the practice, we aim to provide, and, often achieve Good Patient Experiences, as specified in Applicable Service Standards for AQPs.

How we can help

Often, our patients are recommended to us from local GP practices and other health care professionals. The patient contacts us for a consultation, and pay us for their own treatment.

Sometimes patients have medical insurance and a GP referral letter will assist in recovery of their fees.

Alternatively, if you choose to, suitable individual cases may be treated under the AQP scheme subject to and when the framework is in place.

There is scope to set up Podiatric Services tailored to the needs of your practice.

So, whether you need podiatric input for a individual patient or are considering setting up a specific foot health service - please contact Paul de Haas - Principal at Achilles Foot Health Centre on Tel No: 01606 49641 or email us at:

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