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Jenny Morton

In 2010, Jenifer Morton, another well established HCPC Registered Chiropodist & Podiatrist in the area, approached Paul, and it was mutually agreed that her own independent podiatry practice would be accommodated as a stand alone entity within Achilles Foot Health Centre. This has benefited patients - old and new; and has ensured that standards have been enhanced and maintained.

When you are ready to book an appointment - call Jenny on 01606 79269 24/7 Answer & Message Service for Advice, Enquiries & Appointments

Jenny started working as an independent private podiatrist in the 1980's and moved her practice to Achilles Foot Health Centre in January 2011 from a dental practice at Chester Road, Hartford. Her connections to Northwich go back to the 1970's.

After qualifying, she worked in the NHS at Manchester Foot Hospital. She has also worked in Lancashire and Knutsford. She has experience of a wide range of cases: patients who have Diabetes, patients who have disabilities, people who live with arthritis.

Jenny within her own podiatry practice, is known locally for her skills with the scalpel and a wide range of other instruments, which is often the first step to achieving high levels of comfort in the short medium or long term; and resolution or improvement of some skin lesions such as corns, ingrowing toenails.

Her successful practice is built on her reputation as a skilled practitioner with a deep concern and care for her patients.

She keeps her clinical skills and knowledge upto date by attending courses run by the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists in Manchester and the Wirral.

Away from work, Jenny enjoys playing bridge, WI, entertaining, golf and Parish Council work.

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