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Sports & Work Injury

Tracking it down and getting you on the path to recovery again

We help in whatever way we can - within reason and our scope of practice!!

When you first contact us about an internal pain in the foot / leg or loss of function due to an injury through running, sports, walking, in the workplace, diy etc. - a musculo-skeletal or biomechanic assessment may be used to find out the extent, cause and underlying reason why it has happened at this time. The cause of the pain may be in the foot, in the leg, hip or back.
We will check when booking your appointment that your need is likely to be a musculo-skeletal assessment. We will aim to allocate a suitable appointment length to carry out the level of assessment you require. We will advise you appropriately to prepare you for your appointment.
The level of assessment will vary - when you give us the history of what has happened, there may be an obvious explanation and simple remedy, or the clinical picture may be more complex and require a more detailed assessment. So, we use one of three levels of assessment to help you and us understand the underlying cause of your injury.

Foot and leg musculo-skeletal rehabilitation programme

After your first consultation and the likely cause of your symptoms is found - a course of treatment will be agreed and started. There may be several aspects to your rehab programme - physiotherapy, treatments, taping, orthotics, advice, etc.. Often, the first phase of your treatment will happen before you leave the surgery, after your assessment. You may be offered a training programme which will be reviewed and modified at later visits. We always review your case after your initial visit and feedback the longer term treatment plan at your second visit, when we review how the symptoms have been.

We aim to reduce and resolve your symptoms, optimise functionality and prevent recurrence of the injury where ever possible.

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